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King Protocol cost & what's included?
King Protocol cost & what's included?
The Maximus Protocol costs $272.50 in Month 1 and Month 2 and $199.99 for Month 3 and beyond.
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The monthly cost for The King Protocol is $199.99, which includes the membership fee plus and cost of medication (if qualified).

The monthly membership grants access to:

- Licensed physician consultations

- Licensed psychologist coaching

- Oral prescription medication (Enclomiphene)*

- CLIA-certified at-home lab testing * *

- Free Priority Shipping for meds

* * Labs are required in months 1 and 2, costing $72.50 each. The first kit is shipped upon completion of your onboarding intake to capture your baseline hormone levels. The second kit is shipped upon completion of your followup intake (~30 days later) to capture your hormone changes on The King Protocol. If additional labs are required by your clinician, costs are passed through directly to you at no profit to Maximus.

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