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Possible Side Effects πŸ“„
Does The Lover Protocol have adverse side effects?
Does The Lover Protocol have adverse side effects?
Possible side effects
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The adverse effects of 5 mg daily use of tadalafil have been extensively studies in placebo-controlled clinical trials. The drug is generally well-tolerated, however infrequent side effects may occur such as:

β€” Headache (observed in 6% of patients)
β€” Dyspepsia (observed in 5% of patients)
β€” Nasopharyngitis (observed in 3% of patients)
β€” Back pain (observed in 3% of patients)
β€” Upper respiratory tract infection (observed in 3% of patients)
β€” Flushing (observed in 3% of patients)
β€” Myalgia (observed in 2% of patients) ΒΉ

Bremelanotide (PT-141) is also extensively studied and well-tolerated, especially at modest doses.

A study in healthy men in healthy men found no side effects at 4 mg and only reported a couple cases of flushing with 7 mg (intranasal delivery). Β²

Another study using 10 mg (intranasal delivery) found the following mild side effects:

β€” Nausea (12.8%)
β€” Flushing (10.5%)
β€” Diaphoresis / excessive sweating (9.3%)
β€” Low back pain (7.0%)
β€” Taste disturbance (4.7%)
β€” Headache (3.5%)
β€” Somnolence / drowsiness (1.2%) Β³

Being treated by a licensed doctor who is able to monitor your personal experience and customize your treatment protocol ensures you are able to experience the benefits with minimized risk of adverse effects.

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