Does the King Protocol raise estradiol?
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Whenever you increase testosterone, your body will naturally convert some of it in the testes into estradiol (estrogen) through an enzyme called aromatase. Thus, it is normal and desirable for estradiol levels to increase proportionally with testosterone to maintain a healthy balance, since estradiol has neuroprotective properties in influencing memory, cognition, and libido.

Our protocol uses Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs, Enclomiphene), which block the estrogen receptors in selective places (like blocking a lock from being opened by a key). Thus, this makes the amount of estradiol measured in your blood hard to interpret, since estradiol is not able to bind to many of the estrogen receptors and have an effect. That is why there is minimal concern for high estrogen side effects like gynecomastia while using a SERM, unlike TRT.

As a result, estradiol levels do not need to be lowered based on the levels on your blood test (unless you are having clear estrogenic symptoms), and can only be lowered by decreasing the dose.

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