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How does the Testosterone Protocol compare to Trenbolone?
How does the Testosterone Protocol compare to Trenbolone?
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Tren aka Trenbolone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that is illegal and only sold on the black market. We do not sell steroids or illegal substances and do not suggest anyone to do so due to the obvious safety and purity concerns.

Our focus is on providing doctor-prescribed protocols that are effective and most importantly, safe. Unlike steroids, the Testosterone Protocol does not suppress your natural testosterone production, shrink your testicles, cause infertility, or risk liver damage.
As a result, Testosterone Protocol (Enclomiphene) does not need to be 'cycled' and can be taken daily for long-term use. It won't make you huge, but studies suggest you can put on up to 5 lb. of lean mass in 12 weeks on the highest dosage of this class of drugs, along with a weightlifting program.
Your health is precious, so please prioritize it regardless of what company you decide to work with.

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