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Is building blocks equivalent to AG1 product?
Is building blocks equivalent to AG1 product?
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They are not equivalent. Among the differences:

  • BB uses retinyl palmitate (retinol), AG-1 uses beta-carotene. BB uses the version stored by humans/animal, while AG-1's version requires conversion into retinol to be useful

  • BB provides Vitamin D at an effective daily dose, AG-1 does not offer it all

  • Unclear how much vitamin K is offered in AG-1, but Maximus uses Vitamin K2 MK-4, which is the type synthesized by animals

  • AG-1 is low on copper, selenium, magnesium , while BB provides these at levels that ensure you meet the recommended daily value

  • AG-1 assumes greens are necessary, which Cam dispels here:

  • BB is $49.99 a month, AG-1 is $79/month (when you subscribe)

  • In general, BB uses prescription-strength dosages and bioavailable forms of key vitamins & minerals that are not found in standard multivitamins or green powders

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