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πŸ‘‘ King Protocol
πŸ‘‘ King Protocol

Testosterone Optimization

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Should King Protocol be taken with food?
Will this affect my blood pressure?
Does King Protocol affect hematocrit?
Can I use the King Protocol as a Booster to TRT?
When switching to King Protocol, how long should I be off TRT, steroids, SARMs, or SERMs?
What are the upper levels achieved by the King Protocol; anything above 800?
Does King Protocol have side effects?
Does King do anything for HGH? Or do you make any products for HGH?
Does King affect hyperprolactinemia?
Does King cause low estrogen?
Does King cause bruising like Clomid?
Is King SARMS or anabolic steroids?
Do you have Primo-bolan?
When switching from TRT to King Protocol, would I experience a dip in T-levels or benefits from higher T-levels?
Does the King Protocol show up on drug tests?
Can King Protocol enlarge the prostate?
Can I take King Protocol with Ashwagandha?
Can I take blood thinners while on King Protocol?
How does the King Protocol affect hair/male pattern baldness?
Does King Protocol increase aromatase?
Can increased T Levels improve cardiovascular health?
Risk of hair loss with King Protocol?
Why does your lab test require less blood?
Is it like HCG?
Is the estradiol in the bloodstream able to act on estrogen receptors though if enclomiphene is occupying them? Or does enclomiphene only block some receptors since it is a β€œselective” modulator?
SERMs(selective estrogen receptor modulators) are on the World Anti-Doping Agency List
Can I use King Protocal even if I have normal T ranges?
Can I use King Protocol if my body no longer produces testosterone? (hypogonadism)
Can the King Protocol increase testicular volume?
Are there eye concerns or heart concerns with enclomiphene, like clomiphene? (King protocol)
How can I reduce SHBG? (King protocol)
How does your protocol affect hair/male pattern baldness?
Are there any affects of Gynecomastia?
Is situational anxiety significantly lowered & more manageable on King Protocol?
I only have 1 kidney. How does King Protocol clear? Liver? Kidney?
Does the King Protocol block estrogen & cause erection issues?
Does Enclomiphene cause polycythemia/erythrocytosis and thus require phlebotomy?
Does King Protocol accommodate men with hypothyroidism?
What is your method of controlling high SHBG with King Protocol?
I read that there was a phase three clinical trial for Enclomiphene and the FDA didn't approve it, why is that?
How much would enclomiphene differ from being on Tamoxifen or Raloxifene which will both increase testosterone and reduce potential gynecomastia?
Will I need to discontinue use of ashwaghanda before getting a baseline?
If I currently have higher than normal estradiol levels would a SERM (such as Enclomiphene used in King Protocol) selectively block only new estradiol the medication might cause or would it block some of the current extra estradiol?
Does the King Protocol have negative side effects on an enlarged prostate?