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Why do I have to send back my lab Monday - Thursday?
Why do I have to send back my lab Monday - Thursday?

Is it okay to send the at-home lab kit back on a Friday?

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We recommend sending back your lab Monday through Thursday since this will ensure the sample is processed right away. If sent back on Friday the sample will sit at the loading dock over the weekend and not be processed until Monday, this may affect the viability of the sample.
We have had patients send back samples on Friday and the lab be able to pull a report, but as a precaution we recommend doing it M-Thu for optimal results.
If your schedule only permits you to do the test and send back on a Friday please proceed and we'll let you know if the lab is not able to make a report (and send you a replacement kit at no additional cost), however if you're able to make time to do it Monday-Thursday this is recommended.

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